Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mother LOAD, Day 7

Hello Bloglanders! Here we are on Day 7 of the Mother LOAD scrapbook marathon and I'm up quite late to write this post. Our prompt today was to do some "retro scrapbooking", ie, do a page using all the trends from the late '90s. I have to admit this sounded pretty fun/hilarious, especially since I was just looking at some pages I did back in 2000/2001 and they had ALL of the things listed in the prompt: matted photos, photos cut into silly shapes, sticker sneezes, decorative edge scissors....hee hee hee.... =) Anyway, I couldn't find any photos I wanted to scrap like this, and then I was wandering Blogland and saw Shimelle's Sketch of the Week post today, and decided to do that instead. =P So here's today's layout:

I guess I better explain about rally caps, in case anyone doesn't know about them: in baseball, when your team is losing, if you turn your baseball cap inside out and wear it that way it's supposed to help your team "rally". It's a very silly fan superstition, and an excuse to wear your hat inside out and look goofy. =) Actually when I was younger my dad taught me that you wore a rally cap by pushing the back of the cap into the front and then sticking it on the side of your head so that the bill stuck straight up, kinda like a mohawk. I kind of  like that way better since it's sillier, but this inside out thing is what they do at Safeco Field, so we were going with the flow. It's also easier to keep on your head this way. =P

Anyway, enough about silly baseball stuff and on to my favorite things on this layout (other than the silly picture). Number one, the rosette. I had this baseball patterned paper that I wanted to use here, but it just wasn't working with anything else so I had to abandon it. Then when I was at a loss as to what to use for a large embellishment on this page, I thought, "I could make a rosette with the baseball paper!" I know, I know, I'm getting a little obsessed with the rosettes. It's so funny because when the die first came out I thought it was silly and that I'd never have any use for rosettes. Ha! Famous last words. =) Here's a close-up:

The other thing that makes me giggle is my tag, covered with hat tags, since the layout is about hats...hee hee hee... I'm such a sucker for silly scrapbooking puns. =P Oh, and number 3, I'm totally in love with the twine. I just got it yesterday in the mail from The Twinery and could not wait to play with it. I was worried about gluing it down, but then I remembered I have this awesome Quickie Glue pen, which worked really well. The twine has kept it's shape and hasn't fallen off the layout. Can't ask for much more than that. =)

Well I better sign off since I obviously get much more silly when I blog late at night. Thanks for looking!


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