Monday, October 12, 2015

Fall Cards: Part 1

Hello all!!

I have a couple of Halloween cards to share today. Both of these cards were inspired by the same idea: using strips of washi tape to make a block of pattern, and then add a sentiment. I don't know about anyone else, but I have more washi tape than I could use in a lifetime...a problem not helped by the fact that I just went out and bought a bunch of cute Halloween-themed rolls! =) Also, my local stamp store, Impress, has started carrying rolls of glitter washi tape, which I obviously need in every single color...and for these cards the orange glitter was a requirement! Anyway, I loved being able to break into my stash of washi. I think I will try this design again and used patterned paper instead of tape. I have plenty of that as well. =)

This first card features some Tim Holtz tissue tape, the orange glitter tape, some awesome crow tape also from Impress that I HAD to have despite its lack of obvious usefulness (crows: one of my many strange obsessions), and some green polka dot tape that I got in a kit a million years ago.

I also got to break into my ginormous stash of sequins and sprinkle some across this card so it had a little more sparkle and interest. 

The second card I made in this design has a decidedly creepy-crawly feel to it. I just got that wide gold-on-black spider web tape (also at Impress) and could not wait to use it. It looked perfect paired with more glitter tape, some googly-eyed spiders on orange that has been sitting in my craft room being adorable-but-unused for two years now, and another kit tape whose origins are unknown. 

A cute sentiment and some glittery spider die-cuts finished the card off to spooky perfection. =) 

These cards are available for sale at my Etsy shop! It's not too late to get them before Halloween. 

The first card is available HERE.
Second, spidery card is HERE

I hope everyone is having a fantastic fall so far. I am really enjoying crafting in fall colors and I'm putting off any Christmas crafting for as long as possible. =) More fall cards will be coming this way soon! Thanks so much for looking!



  1. Hi again! I'm happy to hear that #300in30days tempted you to not only feel better about commenting but also to hop back on your own blog [and I like that you just launched back in with no explanations, no apologies ... you're just back, blogging, and good for you!].

    p.s: I'm fond of batches of cards in a similar style too [these work so well with the washi] - when you've found a design that works it makes perfect sense to make several doesn't it?

  2. Great cards, Mary. I especially like the bright green spider. I found myself looking more closely into the background details after the spider had initially grabbed my attention. I'm not any kind of expert on anything, I only know what looks good to me, or not.
    Thanks for sharing your work!


Thank you to everyone who takes the time to comment. I really appreciate your kind words and encouragement! =)